For whatever Double Bass related reason you’ve arrived at my website, I’m glad you’re here! I encourage you to take a little time to check out all of my pages.

I'm located in Felton, California. My shop is 12 minutes north of down-town Santa Cruz, 1.5 hours south of San Francisco.

After playing the double and electric bass professionally for over 25 years, I began studying luthiery of the violin family of instruments under Dennis English and David Morse, both of Soquel, Ca. and both extensively classically trained in the art of building, repair, and restoration of the violin family.

They keep a pretty low profile these days, but my timing was good some 18 yrs. ago and I will always apply the great attention to detail they taught me.

I believe the experience of living the life of a professional bassist provides me with an advantage as a bass luthier. I know the discomfort and tone issues that can inevitably come from playing a poorly set-up bass. No fun!

With my playing background and 18 + yrs. experience as a full time double bass luthier, I can quickly and accurately determine any flaws in a particular set-up.

My goal is to work with you and your bass whether it's fine tuning, repair, or restoration. I look forward to exploring the possibilities of your instrument together!