Bridge Height Adjusters - The Installation makes a difference! 

My method of installing adjusters is a bit more involved than what I see most commonly which is holes drilled through the bottoms of the feet. I believe that this translates to a warmer sound and getting the most from your instrument. 

This method of drilling does not perforate the bottom surface of the feet allowing for maximum contact with the top of the bass. It is also the only way to find the true center of the bridge legs.

After quite a bit of experimentation I’ve found that threading down into the feet allows me to save more original bridge wood in the leg and decreases the amount of stiffness in the bridge, which in turn gives a warmer sound. I use only Mike Picanic’s one piece 1/4x20 aluminum adjuster wheels for pizz set ups, and his 5/16x18 aluminum adjuster wheels for arco set ups.