To find out what basses I have available, you have two options: contact me by phone at 831.335.1281, or submit your question using the 'What's in Stock' form accessed at the bottom of this page. I keep notes on who's looking for what and their price range. I have a fairly high rate of turnover so if you're looking to upgrade, we can talk about trade-in or consignment of your old bass. I usually have basses available from $2,500 and up. Occasionally, Ill have a bass or two for under $2k.

I strongly believe that a good fit to a person's body type is primary. Secondary, is a set-up specific to the particular style(s) of music being played. To that end, I try to keep a variety of bass sizes and shapes in stock.

All basses in my shop for sale, either those that I own or those on consignment, are only sold once they've been given a clean bill of health. I examine each one thoroughly, making repairs and set-up adjustments when/where necessary.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with a description of the type(s) of bass and price range you are interested in hearing about.