I pride myself on being one of few who primarily sells basses which I’ve personally  restored, repaired, and set up. I really enjoy bringing a forgotten or abandoned bass to a place it’s never known. Sometimes this takes months to achieve what I consider acceptable, but the personal reward is always great. I’m typically on about a three month rotation with my restoration basses. I’ll try to keep my postings current.

You will not find an overwhelming array of new imports in my shop, nor will you find someone’s consignment bass here for sale that is in need of a bunch of work. In other words, my main focus is on a highly conscientious and traditional approach set-up, repair, and restoration. You will find that whatever inventory of basses I have for sale, whether I own the bass or am consigning it, it will have been thoroughly looked over and given a clean bill of health by myself before I list it.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that an instrument should fit its potential new owners body type so I try to keep a variety of bass sizes and shapes in stock. 

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, Please don’t hesitate to contact me anyway with a description of the type and price range of the bass you may be interested in. Whether it’s in the 1K or 100K price range, chances are I know of a good fit for you.