Disclaimer: These are my and some of my clients personal favorites, I use and sell all of these accessories and know of no better to date. My prices include installation. I am not receiving any free or discounted merchandise from the manufactures listed below. If you know of a similar accessory to be better in your personal experience, please let me know about it.

Bass Covers 


The ultimate professional’s bass cover. Handmade one by one to your bass’s specific measurements by David Messina, who himself is a professional orchestral bassist.

Ultra lightweight, the pockets and handles are all in the right places. The (single) back pack strap is nicely padded, the strap its self is made of seatbelt material. Even has a little pocket for your endpin when you take it out to put your wheel in. In the 12yrs. that I’ve been selling these covers, I’ve never had a single one returned for any reason. Available in Blue, Black and Burgundy or just about any other color you can think of.

I’m glad to take your bass’s measurements in person or over the phone and have your new Messina Cover drop-shipped to you where ever you are.

Bridge Adjusters


Mike Pecanic’s one piece aluminum bridge adjusters,  simply the best sounding adjusters out there to date. Mike also makes wonderful tail pieces out of gorgeous wood. Take a look and see for yourself!

End Pins

Onyx end pins, ebony or rosewood with 5/8 solid wood shaft. Designed by the late Jerry Buffa, is the ultimate in sound and performance. Yes, wood end pin sockets and shafts sound the best! This one has an ingenious internal mechanism design that actually draws the shaft to the socket for maximum connectivity. Also sports a nice removable hard rubber foot that when unscrewed reveals a stainless steel point to plug into the floor beneath you.

bass wheel - Meisel

Sealed bearings, very light weight and durable. Hard foam rubber wheel with tread. Shaft sizes to fit any end pin socket size.

Bass Wheel - Gaines

For those of you who are looking for a more cushioned ride, I fully recommend the wheel by Don Gaines. It has a inner tube that can be inflated as desired, and is a great option. 


Seems like every six months there is a new latest greatest. Write or call me and I can make suggestions as to what will work best for your needs.