A double bass should be set up for maximum sound and playability in accordance with an individual’s: height, weight, hand size, and experience playing the instrument. The most accomplished bassist perfer playing on basses that fit their bodies.

Making small adjustments can make a big difference in the feel of your bass.  Maybe you would like to change the sound characteristics of your bass, for example, bigger E, bigger G, or more evenness throughout the mid and high registrers, or maybe you’re desiring a darker or brighter sound.

Whatever you’re looking for regarding sound shaping, I have many suggestions that can help. More now than ever before double bassist are playing a wider range of styles of music. For most bassist who own one bass, this set up is achievable. The trick is in correctly scooping and radiusing the fingerboard, and cutting a bridge crown that works perfectly with its fingerboard. And of course string choice is crucial in helping to achieving your goal.

For those of you who have two or more basses, I’m glad to help you to continue to make adjustments. It is reasonable to say that your basses should be set up as similarly as possible for the greatest ease of transition from one to the other. Please reach out and we can discuss your options!