I enjoy working with bassists of all levels, ranging from university instructors, regional professionals, casual bassists and  new comers to the bass. Below are some testimonials from some clients who I have worked with:

"I consider Matt Bohn to be a great local treasure. Matt understands the real-world challenges facing serious upright bass players because he is one himself, being as much in demand for his playing as for his excellent set up and repair work. Although always generous with his time and advice and gentle with his prices, Matt never scrimps on quality. I had Matt install a C-extension a couple of years ago, it not only works perfectly but looks like an original part of the instrument." - Bill Bosch    
"The Bass Doctor cares! Matt has done many meticulous repairs and adjustments to basses I've had.  When I came into Matt's shop asking about small travel basses that might still project well acoustically he wholeheartedly applied his innovative approach, careful diligence, and technical skill to beautifully dial in and modify a Howard-Core 1/2 size Bass.  He created a compact, bolt-on neck, power house of a bass-Thanks Matt!" Steve Ucello - steveuccello.com/
"I had heard of Matt when I moved to the bay area, but did not realize how lucky we are to have such a world class talent locally! I have Matt perform all the repairs on my 120 year old bass, and I can say without a doubt that it sounds the best it ever has. From imperceptible adjustments of the string length to substantial repairs, Matt has been a joy to work with and is a wonderful communicator. He is patient, and explains why he recommends what he does, and what the implications are of that adjustment/repair. I look forward to working with him in the future!" Graham Hitchcock - www.grahamhitchcock.com 
"Matt Bohn is a bass player who knows what a bass player wants be it a set up or repair. I have had him work on my basses and have confidence in his work. His prices are fair and he is a friendly person who tries is best to please and be helpful."   Stan Poplin -  https://www.music.ucsc.edu/faculty/stan-poplin
"Matt works on all three of my basses:  a ’53 Kay, a recent Czech hybrid and a 160 year-old Tyrolean carved bass which is my pride and joy.  Over the last seven years or so he has dressed fingerboards, adjusted action,  replaced bridges and endpins, re-cambered my bow, and done finish touch up work.  I have always been very happy with the results, and I frequently refer students to him for setup work and other repairs." Lisa Burns www.lisaonbass.com
"I feel very fortunate to have Matt as my bass luthier. His work has been of the highest standards with thoughtful experience guiding every move. I have been able to work nonstop, confident my bass has achieved its optimum sound and that Matt’s craftsmanship has a built in reliability factor I can trust. This all adds up to a positive. I enjoy creative time spent with Matt discussing work to be accomplished."     Gary Lynch        
"Matt does fantastic work on double basses, from restoring instruments, to large and small repairs, setups, bow rehairs, and custom modifications.  He is quite a skilled luthier and carpenter, and it shows in his beautiful work and attention to detail.  Importantly, Matt isn't afraid to change his opinion on the perfect double bass setup for optimum tone, when further research and experimentation bring him positive results.  His work is timely, precise, visually appealing, mechanically sound with an ear for great tone, all at a very reasonable cost.  I can't recommend him highly enough.  I've been calling him "The Bass Doctor" for years.  There is never a question where my instruments will go for help and a general tune up.  They always come out sounding better!  We are lucky to have him in the Bay Area." Dan Robbins www.danrobbinsmusic.com